Know Which Are The Best B.Tech. Branches In Engineering

Engineering students often mull over the popular question of which is the most demanded or the highest paying engineering branch. Another popular myth which clouds student’s judgment is that they assume the most popular field must be the most well-paying one! But that is not the case. The two major factors which can guarantee student’s success are; firstly, the potential of the student and secondly, reputation of the institution they are getting admitted to.

Even serious engineering aspirants don’t know where the word engineering came from. The term came from a Latin word “Ingenium” which means “cleverness” and “Ingeniare” which means “to create”. So, here is a well-engineered list of best B.Tech. branches in engineering one can opt for!

1. B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest yet the most relevant engineering majors. It is the only course which can offer you a plethora of options in terms of carving a career in your chosen field. Mechanical engineers are required in almost all sectors. India is a host to many robust heavy-manufacturing industries like metal, steel and automobile. These industries are ever growing and require a steady inflow of engineers who can monitor, supervise, and fault-diagnose these aforementioned systems.
Top Employers – National highways, ship yards, defence forces, railways are top employers of mechanical engineers.
Starting Salary – This is one field which will not be affected by recession. A mechanical engineer can expect anything between 4 Lakh to 20 Lakh INR in the beginning of their career.
Top Institutes – IITs, NITs, ISM Dhanbad, BITS Pilani.

2. B.Tech Computer Engineering

IT industry is expanding at a phenomenal pace and a humongous number of experts are required to meet the increasing demand. A computer engineer can expect to study about the foundations of information technology, its computation, application as well as implementation in the computer systems. Some major highlights of this course are coding, program design, and project management.
Top Employers – MNCs, IT firms, hospitals, hospitality, banking, railways.
Starting Salary – The pay scale in this sector is very high. A computer science engineer can expect anything between 12 lakhs to 24 lakh INR in the beginning of their career.
Top Institutes – IITs, NITs, ISM Dhanbad, IIIT Hyderabad, BITS Pilani.

3. B-Tech Electronics

ECE is also picking up these days. This branch can excite people who have a knack for digital gadgets, electrical circuits, signs and signal systems. Telecommunication, mobile development, and electrical industry is growing in leaps and bounds year after year. If one goes for electronics and communication engineering, they can expect to learn about fundamentals of communication, integrated circuits, VLSI concepts, signal and system development.
Top Employers – PSUs, Private consumer electronics giants, healthcare equipment manufacturing industry, IT industry often hire Electronic engineers.
Starting Salary – The advent of sub-domains such as telecommunications makes it a lucrative career option. An electronics and communication engineer can expect anything between 10 Lakh to 25 Lakh INR in the beginning of their career.
Top Institutes – IITs, NITs, DTU, PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh.
The bottom line is one should go for the field that one finds interesting and just dive into it. Hope the above list clears the confusion and help students make informed decision.

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